What We Do
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What We Do

  • Habitability is a financial and property technology company. It has been founded to proactively respond to the structural issues within the UK residential development sector, which – for too long – has been unable to deliver the quantity, quality and sustainability of new homes needed.
  • A couple of years ago we set about rethinking the entire development process and value chains to identify a viable alternative to volume development that would deliver housing at a speed and level of quality that simply could not be achieved otherwise. We needed, and sought, a revolution in the business model for residential development.
  • The result was ‘Futureproof’: a new funding and delivery model for the acceleration – at scale – of much needed, zero carbon housing. Using Futureproof, Habitability provides, within collaborative joint ventures, the technology and expertise to facilitate new large scale zero carbon communities.
For people:

We deliver accessible, resilient, affordable, zero emission homes that meet society’s needs both now and in the future.

For landowners:

We secure a better outcome whilst delivering a competitive land value, even in the face of more challenging policy and regulatory targets

For institutional investors:

We create balanced, mixed tenure, income-earning and capital-appreciating assets over the long term with measurable environmental and social impact.

For the public sector:

We offer a genuine alternative to the residential development process that closely aligns with their desired social and environmental outcomes, including Climate Emergency aspirations